A Breakthrough Compound

NAS911 is New Amsterdam Science’s name for a synthetic, 11-amino acid peptide analog of Substance P (SP), which is a small protein (peptide) normally found throughout both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

NAS911 has been shown to activate only the neurokinin (NK)-1 receptor, whereas SP is known to activate multiple NK receptors. It is this receptor specificity that is central to NAS911’s therapeutic effect.

New Amsterdam Sciences is looking at how the compound can slow, stop or even reverse the orphan lung disease known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). 

We have also found NAS911 has many significant actions, including activating stem cells, protecting from otherwise lethal doses of radiation, and decreasing flu symptoms and death rates in various deadly influenza strains.

To learn more about NAS911, watch this video.


Covid Hot Spots

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