Animal Health And NAS150

New Amsterdam Sciences’ anti-inflammatory platform technology, consisting of compounds NAS150, NAS114, and NAS415, all Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) mimetics, has shown significant potential in the treatment of diseases where oxidative stress is involved. In particular, NAS150 has demonstrated the ability to scavenge a broad range of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and has been shown to reverse multiple biomarkers of inflammation, oxidative stress, and immune response associated with DNA oxidative damage, fibrosis, and central nervous system dysfunction in animal models... Read More

Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program for NAS150

New Amsterdam Sciences, a privately held company, announces the filing of the Company’s newly provided materials and data with the FDA’s coronavirus treatment acceleration program as a pre-Investigation New Drug Phase 2 submission.. Read More

New EVP Brings Wealth of Government Agency Experience

New Amsterdam Sciences, a privately held bio- science company, announces Christopher van de Wetering, Ph.D. as Executive Vice President. Dr. van de Wetering is charged with general operations management, preclinical and clinical drug development including manufacturing and formulation as well as bringing the Company’s anti-inflammatory therapeutic for treatment of COVID-19… Read More

Arizona News - Dr. Christopher Van de Wetering | A False sense Of Security That The Vaccine Is 100% Protective

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